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Once a fire fighters union hall, Central now houses our administrative services and San Francisco’s clinical leadership team.

Our History

Progress Foundation was founded in 1969 amidst the de-institutionalization movement, and has been run by Executive Director Steve Fields ever since. This reform effort sought to move people from state psychiatric hospitals back into the community. However, local treatment systems were ill-equipped to support individuals with mental illness. For the next three decades, Progress Foundation developed supportive, community-based programs to support these clients—and keep them from returning to institutions or correctional facilities.

Today, Progress Foundation operates 19 programs across San Francisco, Sonoma, and Napa counties, serving more than 3,000 individuals annually. We do not turn away any category of client, and do work with those with multiple challenges, including alcohol and substance abuse, major health problems, and criminal-justice histories.

Our service offerings are tailored for the specific needs of different populations, such as:

  • Seniors
  • Mothers reuniting with children
  • Transitional-age youth
  • Clients leaving long-term institutional confinement
  • Clients experiencing acute crises
  • Spanish speakers

In addition, part of the Progress Foundation mission is to offer training and consultation to other mental-health agencies across the country and around the world that hope to provide more effective treatment opportunities for their clients.

Our Approach

We believe treatment for serious mental illness and associated social challenges occurs best in a planned social-relational situation. This social approach to rehabilitation draws on the therapeutic value of everyday, normalized experiences, such as meals and chores, to help clients build skills and healthy relationships with each other and our caring staff.

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It is vital to our success as an agency that we receive honest feedback from consumers. Former or current clients who wish to report grievances can visit our Grievance Process page for relevant forms and instructions.

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